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CD Release show on Sat Nov 3 at the Big Fish Pub in Tempe for our bros in the band Burn This For A Friend… Miles To Nowhere, The Afterlife, Ethan 103, Johnny Lee, and more! This also happens to be our guitarist Mikey’s birthday weekend.  This show is going to be huge!!!

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The Big Fish Pub: 
The Big Fish Pub is the HOTTEST venue in the Phoenix metropolitan area for up-and-coming rock bands. This establishment has a long history of providing the launching pad for some of rock’s biggest stars. Through the years, the Big Fish has seen several different owners, who have taken thier ideas and concepts and molded it into a place rich with culture and genre’s. The new owners hope to build upon this legacy and try to recapture the underground rock scene and provide a place for local rock musicians to be seen and heard. With a bigger stage, state of the art sound system and incredible stage lighting, the Big Fish Pub is definitely on par to being ” the best place for an unsigned band to play” in the Valley. If you haven’t been to the Big Fish for a while, you need to take a fresh look at this historical club.