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Where is everyone playing at? How do I get tickets?

Great questions. I’ll make a nice little update here, with a breakdown of the venues and bands.(All bands get a 45 minute set, with 15 minute change outs. Bands are listed in order they will play. Bands are subject to change without warning. I’ll keep this post updated with any changes that may occur, so bookmark this page in your browser. Also, bands that are playing this event, you may want to seriously consider sharing this post, and advertising your show(s). Just sayin’. Telling your fans where you’re playing is good for you, and me.)

Three-day passes are available here on this link that is underlined. They are good for ALL the venues, on ALL the nights.

Friday October 4th: (tickets available here)

Tempe Tavern:

  1. 815  – Vices to the Grave
  2. 915 – Minor Hysteria
  3. 1015 – Eken Is Dead
  4. 1115 – Contradiktion
  5. 1215am – Ethan 103

Yucca Tap Room: (tickets available here)

  1. NerdZerker
  2. YBC
  3. The Combos
  4. Throb Zombie
  5. Inept Hero

PubRock Live: (tickets available here)

  1. Los Fukn Ramirez
  2. Atomic Zombies
  3. No Gimmick
  4. SkullDrug
  5. Common Tongue

Saturday, October 5th:

Tempe Tavern (tickets available here)

  1. Aggressive Express
  2. The Blissins
  3. Dime Runner
  4. DC Fallout
  5. Black Canyon Bastards

Yucca Tap Room (tickets available here)

  1. We Were There
  2. Young Mans Mind
  3. Rude King
  4. Bitter Allegiance
  5. Zohfoot

PubRock Live (tickets available here)

  1. Venomous Pinks
  2. The Copyrights
  3. Teenage Bottlerocket
  4. The Queers

Sunday October 6th

Tempe Tavern  (tickets available here)

  1. Suicide Fuck Bombs
  2. Beer Bucket Social
  3. Whiskey and the Barrels
  4. Jack the Cat
  5. Time Crashers

Yucca Tap Room (tickets available here)

  1. Egrecious
  2. Catch The Fire
  3. LoCash Ninjas
  4. Miles To Nowhere
  5. Alleyway Kids

Pub Rock Live (tickets available here)

  1. Moovalya
  2. Lightspeed Go
  3. The Hasbeens
  4. Two Tone Lizard Kings
  5. Corporal Limits

Ok. Whew. There ya go. All the bands, all the times, and all the ticket links.Now, get clickin’, get buyin’ and most importantly, get sharin’ this to your friends. I know you got Twitter and Facebooks!!!

Phx Ska Punk Bowling